The World of Fae

Fantasy Art by Kerry Swinamer


Quotes I bought the "Ice Queen " and she was even more than I expected . This woman is amazing ,her pen and ink are perfect and her colors are well blended and smooth. She is a thoughtful person , I did not have enough money to buy it and she let me make payments on it . I love when the universe puts special people in my life ,and for me she is that :) Quotes
Boni Grabusky

Quotes Kerry is a superbly wonderful artist! I have had the distinct pleasure of seeing her work and plan on adding many to my own art collection very soon! Thank you Kerry for all your wonderful art magic! ~Jaishi (Shirley) Quotes
Kerry Art Lover & Fellow Artist

Quotes Kerry Swinamer?s artwork evokes emotion. Looking at any piece I am struck by the humor, wisdom, sensuality or whimsy that is portrayed by her sublime use of color combined with the simplicity of form that takes you on a journey of discovery. You feel you know her subjects, their thoughts and dreams. She is truly talented. Quotes
Wanda Amos

Quotes I have purchased two pieces of artwork from Kerry. Her art is so unique and perfect - it's not hard to tell she loves and puts a lot of pride and care in what she does. Thank you Kerry! You rock sister friend! =) Quotes
The Talented Mrs Swinamer

Quotes I asked Kerry to do a special piece for me as a present for my friend (and boss). I gave her almost no help, stating that I wanted a dragon in it, and the name of the company. The picture that she came up with is absolutely incredible, and now hangs in the store in a place of honor. Her work is whimsical and always makes me smile. Keep it up Kerry! Quotes
Mary Anne